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Do I need to be drunk to drink UNLIT®?

No! Absolutely not. Please continue to drink responsibly.

Think of our drink as a supercharged electrolyte drink infused with potent detoxification herbs and nootropics anyone can benefit from drinking it- especially those who don’t take in adequate amounts of water each day. Or, think of it as a bottle of millions of tiny hangover curing elves just waiting to get the job done. Your call. 

However you slice it, UNLIT® is committed to responsible drinking practices throughout our business. Specifically, we promote responsible drinking by fully discouraging underage drinking, educating folks on alcohol misuse, and supporting safe ride home programs.

Why UNLIT® and how does it benefit me?

We don’t believe in hairy dogs, shots, pills, magic patches, or pickles. At UNLIT® we care deeply about addressing three key features of hangover recovery in the simplest way: detoxing you, recharging you, & restoring the balance in your body.

Please note: Electrolyte replacement is not an exact science and generally a physician is required to properly assess your rehydration needs. UNLIT® follows the minimal requirements for ORS recommended by the WHO.

No really, how does UNLIT® work?

When the “party” is over your body begins working to break down the toxins putting stress on your internal system. Your body can go into overtime trying to breakdown the excess toxins found in its system, specifically any other toxins produced because of alcohol consumption. When your body can’t process the toxins fast enough, the feelings of fatigue, nausea, and sluggishness begin to set in. When you don’t replenish your system properly these symptoms can pack a punch; leaving you feeling peak crappiness the next morning. Hello Hangover!

The UNLIT® recovery complex was created to provide crucial support for your body’s elimination and endocrine systems which helps to flush out toxins, repair and restore cellular and mental deficiencies, and to slow down dehydration through rapid nutrient replenishment and rehydration.

Where is the drink manufactured?

UNLIT® is manufactured in the U.S., and all over our ingredients are sourced from the U.S. Our headquarters are in Washington, DC

What is the shelf life?

UNLIT® stays fresh in the refrigerator for up to two months. The drink should be consumed immediately after opening or within 3 days.

Is UNLIT® FDA approved?

Currently, the FDA does not directly approve any dietary supplements. However, they do have guidelines setup about them. Specifically, UNLIT® follows all FDA and State manufacturing guidelines and maintains compliance with all commercial production mandates. 

Quality and safety are paramount to us; we ensure every bottle meets FDA regulated standards so that our customers have the safest and most enjoyable experience drinking UNLIT®. 

Help! I can't get my drink open!

Not to worry! Here’s a helpful video on safe opening techniques if the pressure on the lid is too great. 

What does the drink taste like?

Every bottle of UNLIT® has a fresh fruit juice taste with a unique flavor profile noted in each product description. Every ingredient we use is intended to soothe and restore you after drinking alcohol.

Does UNLIT® contain caffiene?

Yes, UNLIT® contains approximately 90mg of caffiene(which is less than a cup of coffee) to provide a “natural feeling” energy boost and most importantly to ensure efficient delivery of our supercharged nutrients and minerals.

Does UNLIT® contain gluten or artificial sugars?

No! UNLIT® is made without gluten ingredients but is not produced in a certified gluten-free production facility. UNLIT® does not contain any artificial sugars; this is a low sugar drink containing keto-friendly sugars like Erythritol and Stevia meant to produce a natural pleasant taste

Does UNLIT® have allergy restrictions?

UNLIT® does not contain any soy, gluten, nuts, lactose, or artificial flavors.

The following flavors may not be suitable to those with seafood allergies: Got the Blues – which contains chlorella powder and blue spirulina algae powder(blue majik). 

My drink looks different?

UNLIT® is produced and manufactured with plant-based, natural ingredients. We love the wonderful colors and flavors we developed in our drink. The sad reality is, natural colors are unpredictable and can vary due to temperature, time, and process.

Like many commercial juice manufacturers, we add some solids to our drinks such as zest to increase the flavor. This sediment will normally settle if the drink stands for any length of time. Like the bottle says: Shake Well – Drink Often.

Please see Why Glass Bottles? for more information about pasteurization. 

What ingredients do you use?

All of our ingredient details and sourcing information can be found here

Why glass bottles?

The wonderful flavors of our drink is fruit juice based; due to the risks of unpasteurized fruit juice, every bottle of UNLIT® is produced in glass bottle packaging. The design of the bottle was developed with careful consideration for our market and the safety of our customers when in an inebriated state. We believe in

    1. Ensuring the highest product integrity and quality control.
    2. Staying in alignment with our product ethos.
    3. Building a sustainable, environmentally-conscious business. 
Where do you guys deliver?

We currently offer local delivery(see details in next section) to Washington, DC, Virginia, and Maryland. For additional delivery fees, we will accommodate orders in the continental U.S. at current carrier rates. 

Can I get same day delivery?

Yes! If you live within our local delivery area your products will be delivered in under 24 hours. 

(DC, Arlington, VA, Alexandria, VA, Tyson’s Corner, VA, Falls Church, VA, Annandale, VA, Silver Spring, Ft. Washington, MD, Hyattsville, MD, College Park, MD, National Harbor, MD, Potomac, MD, Bethesda, MD) 

If you are outside of our local area, please allow 2-3 business days(excluding weekends, holidays, and sale days) to process and ship your order.

What if I need to modify my order?

Each order placed on our site gets an order confirmation email and an order processing email. If you need to modify your order for whatever reason, please contact us immediately. Once you receive a shipment confirmation or your product has been marked “shipped”, we are no longer able to modify your order.

What if I need to change my shipping address?

Please contact us immediately. Once you receive a shipment confirmation or your product has been marked “shipped”, we are no longer able to modify your order.

What type of payments do you accept?

We currently accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Chase Touch ID. 

All of our store transactions are processed through our third party vendor Square, Inc. We do not personally handle your sensitive information or store any paper forms, this is securely handled through Square. Square complies with all required PCI standards, so Square account holders do not need to validate PCI compliance for information given to Square.

Do you offer returns or refunds?

No. Due to the type of products we sell, for safety and sanitation reasons we do not accept returns and we do not offer refunds on shipped products. We will gladly replace broken or damaged products. Please contact use within 48 hours of receipt of your shipped goods.

What if I changed my mind?

You must email and notify us immediately if you wish to cancel your order and receive a refund. Once, your order has been marked “processed” or updated to “shipped”, you are no longer eligible for a refund. 

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