Ingredients that make a difference

We help rebalance your mind, body and soul.

What happens when you take pressed juice from fresh organic fruits and vegetables, fortify it with key electrolytes, amino acids, B vitamins, and then fuse it all together with targeted herbs and plants(adaptogens)? You get Unlit® an all-natural recovery drink that will give you the boost you need to take on the next day, and to replace essential nutrients lost after exercise, late-nights, and hangovers.

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All of our ingredients are sourced both locally & from all over the U.S.

We source powerful herbs and plants like milk thistle, nopal cactus, pyrus pyrifolia (or asian pears) for our hangover complex known to be exceptional natural remedies for correcting liver problems and detoxifying toxins found in the liver and kidneys.

Coconuts are known for many health benefits such as raising your metabolism, keeping you orally hydrated and providing nutrients, cleaning the digestive tract, treating kidney and urethal stones, boosting your immune system and blood circulation, and even helping to prevent diabetes.

Our drink flavors include hydrating fruits and vegtables like watermelons and cucumbers. We also use superfood ingredients to naturally detox your body after a night of drinking like limes, lemons, beets, strawberries, and mangoes.

Our fresh grated ginger helps to reduce inflammation, lowers blood sugar levels, helps with digestion, relives nausea, and improves cholesterol levels.

In addition to it’s soothing physical qualities, rose hips are rich in vitamin C, a great natural anti-inflammatory, provides cell support, and helps support the immune system and healthy bones.

One of our most well-intended ingredients! Lavender is known to soothe headaches, can act as a sedative, its very effective at calming nausea, relieving stress, and its known to help with cardiovascular health.

All of our drink flavors are infused with mint because it helps to improve brain function, greatly reduces nausea, reduces head colds and fevers(drunk cold), and mint is beneficial for reducing the risk of many types of cancer like oral , prostate, colon, and respiratory disorders.

The hidden sugar content in alcohol and cocktails can really add up; so it was important to us to create our drink without adding more sugar. In order to provide the best natural taste that has a low impact on your glycemic index, we use erythritol and dried stevia leaves in our flavor infusions.

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